You may:

  • have just had a baby and would love to decorate your home with personalized art featuring your family.
  • be looking to update or start a beautiful photo collection for keepsake and showcase to family and friends.
  • wish to celebrate a special time in your life with pictures.
  • be wanting to commemorate a wedding anniversary. 
  • need some photos of yourself for promotional activities, business and social interaction.

You appreciate:

  • simplicity, natural beauty, creativity and craftsmanship.
  • the time and effort that it takes to produce quality work and understand it's value.

Hang Le is a portrait photographer whose work exemplifies simple elegance and authenticity. She highlights the joy in people and life, the opportune moments that create meaningful portraiture to commemorate milestone occasions. 

Hang is:

  • passionate about photography that captures life with impact, telling stories simply and beautifully.
  • focused on exploring expression, emotion and personality to emphasise individuality and turn memorable moments into valued portraits.
  • experienced at photographing people of all ages, working on location, incorporating your chosen environment for comfort as well as effect.

Kind Words:

" The prints arrived.Thank you so much, they are awesome. The large one of George is just gorgeous, you did a great job! Thanks again for all your great work." Amelia, Dave and George

"The prints arrived safe and sound. We've already had them framed and they look great on the wall." Katherine

"Huge thank you to Hang Le Photography @HangL3 for the beautiful photos of my sister's new baby! I am biased but they are just gorgeous." @CameronLing

Call or email Hang to book your next photo shoot.

Email: Ph: 0423 356 602