Young at heart

Do you remember your mother as a young, vibrant woman? As i was growing up, people would often comment on how young my mother looked…”how old is your mother? what? No way…Wow, she looks so much younger.” My mother has always looked young for her age, and still does, but she is also quite young at heart. Perhaps the two go hand in hand.

A lot of times, for family portraiture, mothers tell me they don’t want to be photographed..”just photograph the baby, just the kids, just everybody else..just not me.” I nod accordingly but eventually i always get them involved, I always get them to join in. Why? Because every time a parent objects to being photographed with their kids,  they are reminded in the end that their children love them just the way they are. I don’t have many photos of my mother as a young woman, as a child, a bride or with a young family as all of our family photos were left behind when we came to Australia. The ones that we do have of the past, are the prints that had been sent overseas to my aunt, who was living in Germany at the time.

The best way to preserve your family history is to print your photos, give some to other family members, put them in an album, in a box, a scrapbook or hang them up for display. Get them off the computer because hard drives fail and Cd/DVD readers will soon no longer exist. As technology develops at an exponential rate, the one medium that will always be treasured and last for generations is the printed photograph.

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